Holy Roman Empire

Diving into a brand new genre, this is our newest and most challenging project by far. We are well known for our border games (found below) but this is a brand new experience even for us.

The game is constantly receiving updates, just like our other games but we strive to make this one as unique as possible.


The Soviet Union

Our “break-through” project. The second of it’s kind, this time around, we built it up from the ground up with even more passion and hard work. Constant development and top notch staff management brings this project to where it is today.

Even though it was the second rendition of The Soviet Union, we consider this the starting point in our big journey.


Grand Army of the Republic

Of course we had to geek it out and move into the Sci-Fi genre at some point!

Grand Army of the Republic is our very own take on the extremely famous Star Wars series.

Among our personnel, you will find some of the most seasoned and experienced warriors as this project is heavily combat based.

600 K+
The Soviet Union
400 K+
Grand Army of the Republic
1 K+
Holy Roman Empire